1. greatestgeneration:

    WWII-era Victory Garden propaganda

    we are getting very excited about the upcoming planting season after a looong winter here in Brooklyn…

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  2. hibernation for the winter…

  3. just a random winter post…

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  4. fall day on the roof…


  5. hannahbernhardt asked: Is the farm open to visitors? Do you have volunteer days or who does the majority of the farming?

    sorry it took a while to get back to you…yes! we do and can use volunteers from time to time.  we are here monday thru friday 11am till 4pm, so come on by if you like.  email us at georgiasplace@ccmnyc.org to set up a visit.

  6. we are sifting the dirt out of 6 tons of rock ballast in between the trays…backbreaking work, but the results are impressive.

    also getting the beds ready for their winter nap

  7. cloudy day

  8. very hot and tiny peppers

  9. 8/5/13

  10. gorgeous summer lettuce and others…

  11. our massive cucumbers

  12. skyline with Freedom Tower and Empire State Building

  13. 08/12/13…gorgeous!

  14. our baby watermelons!

  15. looking sunny